Pool Pumps

Need a pump? We offer Hayward pumps like the MaxFlo VS500 variable speed pump. Let us know if you have one already we can install.

Pool Heaters

Need a heater? We feature Hayward heat pumps like the Summit XL 112K BTU electronic heat pump – or we can install the one you have.

Pool Cartridges & Filters

SwimClear cartridge filters capture more dirt for superior water clarity – and conserve energy. We are here for you if you need to replace one.

Salt Generators

An AquaRite is a convenient alternative to conventional chlorine offering no more red eyes, itchy skin or harsh odors. Installed in one hour.

Automation Systems

Make your life easier through today’s technology like this OmniLogic Automation & Salt Chlorination unit. Yes, we can install this for you.

Underwater Lights

Light go out? Getting new lights is easy. Putting them in – not as easy. That’s why it is nice to have Leisure Pool Care to do it for you.

Spa Pumps

Some of the most popular spa pumps include Waterway, Aqua Flow and Bullfrog. We can easily install any of these in under an hour.

Spa Heaters

The Gecko S-Class Spa Pack Control is just one of the heaters we have replaced recently. Do you have one you would like installed at your home?

Spa Cartridges & Filters

We can check your cartridges & filters, order new ones and exchange them for you. We make it easy for you to sit back and relax in a clean spa